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Amazon Lubricants is a leading lubricant manufacturing company with a strong commitment to building mutually rewarding partnerships with dealers and distributors. All our products are API Certified. We are committed to providing our partners with the highest quality products, the best possible service, and the support they need to succeed.

New Industrial Area, Um Al Quwain, United Arab Emirates
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Why Partner with Amazon Lubricants?

  • High-Quality Products: We are committed to manufacturing and supplying high-quality lubricants that meet the needs of our customers. Our products are formulated using the latest technology and are backed by our rigorous quality control standards.
  • Dedicated People: Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals is committed to providing our partners with the support they need. We are always available to answer your questions and help you solve problems.
  • Modern Production Facility: Our state-of-the-art production facility is designed to produce the highest quality lubricants that are environmentally friendly at the lowest possible cost. This allows us to pass on savings to our partners and help them increase their profitability.


How We Support Our Partners

  • Marketing and Sales Support: We provide our partners with a comprehensive marketing and sales support package that includes training, merchandising, and promotional materials.
  • Technical Support: Our team of technical experts is available to provide our partners with the technical support they need to answer their customers’ questions.
  • Logistics and Distribution: We have a well-established logistics and distribution network that ensures our partners have the products they need when they need them.


Mutually Rewarding Partnerships

We believe that our success is tied to the success of our partners. We are committed to building long-term, mutually rewarding partnerships that help our partners achieve their business goals.

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 If you are a dealer or distributor of lubricant products, we encourage you to learn more about partnering with Amazon Lubricants. We are confident that we can help you take your business to the next level.

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Innovation. Sustainability. Empowerment.

Our vision is to be the world’s leading provider of innovative and sustainable lubricants, empowering businesses and societies to operate efficiently and responsibly.


Certified Products by the American Petroleum Institute and manufactured through ISO 14001.  Contact us for more information.

Manufacturer and Exporter of Automotive, Industrial, Agricultural, and Marine Greases and Lubricants.

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