We Manufacture And Export Commercial & Industrial Oils Worldwide

Amazon Automatic Transmission Fluids: Ensuring Smooth Gear Changes and Optimal Transmission Performance.

Amazon Gear Oil is designed to minimize noise and vibration, ensuring a smooth and quiet ride.

Amazon Marine Lubricants are specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions of marine environments. They are formulated with high-quality base oils and advanced additives that provide exceptional protection against corrosion, wear, and extreme temperatures.

Amazon Industrial Lubricants are meticulously formulated with premium base oils and advanced additives to meet the rigorous demands of industrial environments.

Amazon Agriculture Lubricants will keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently throughout the growing season.

Amazon AntiFreeze Lubricants are a range of high-performance coolants and antifreeze fluids designed to protect your vehicle’s engine from freezing, overheating, and corrosion. They are formulated with premium base oils and advanced additives to provide exceptional protection in all climates and conditions.

Amazon Petrol Engine Oils: Empowering Smooth Performance and Enhanced Protection

Amazon Diesel Engine Oils: Fueling Power, Protecting Engines, and Extending Engine Life.


Unlock Peak Performance With Amazon Lubricants.

Made with the best ingredients and tested to meet tough standards, our lubes keep things moving like clockwork. Whether you’re a pro mechanic or just tackling weekend projects, we’ve got the perfect juice for the job. Plus, our 100% satisfaction guarantee means you can buy with confidence.

Amazon Lubricants and Grease LLC is an International Standard Organization (ISO) Certified company with the following certifications: ISO 1901, ISO 14001, & ISO 45001.

So browse our wide selection today and find the perfect lube for your next project. Trust Amazon Lubricants, and say goodbye to friction!


Your Protection is Our Concern

We at Amazon Lubricants, from the tiniest bottle to the giant drums, take your trust seriously. Every drop in our original oils and lubricants is protected, inside and out, against the sneaky tricks of copycats. Our special seals keep the bad guys out, so you know you’re always getting the real deal.

No more worries about dodgy oil hurting your machines or putting your business at risk. We track our products every step of the way, so you can always be sure of what’s in those shiny tanks. We’re here to be your reliable partner, not just a supplier, keeping your engines purring and your business booming.

So ditch the worries and choose Amazon Lubricants. Real oil, real protection, real peace of mind.

Seal of Authenticity

Unleash New Growth Opportunities: Partner with Amazon Lubricants

Let’s grease the wheels of your success (literally)!

Looking for an oil partner who fuels your business goals? Look no further than Amazon Lubricants! We’re not just oil experts, we’re growth experts. Join us, and watch your business rocket past the competition.

We’re all about top-notch lubes, happy customers, and staying ahead of the curve. From cars to factories to boats, we’ve got the right fluids for every engine’s thirst.

So ditch the clunky partnerships and team up with a winner. Together, we’ll keep your machines running smooth and your profits soaring. Let’s make your business purr like a finely tuned engine!

Partner with Amazon Lubricants: Fuel your business growth!

Join forces with us and watch your business take off! Here’s how we’ll be your rocket fuel:

1. Reach new customers: Our giant network and trusted name will open doors to fresh markets and new faces for your business.

2. Offer the best lubes: Our cutting-edge oils and lubes will keep your customers happy and coming back for more. You’ll always be ahead of the competition.

3. Get expert help: Our team of lube gurus knows everything there is to know. They’ll be your go-to crew for any question or problem.

4. Boost your sales: We’ll work with you to spread the word about your brand and bring in more customers. That means more sales and a happier you!

So, ready to ditch the slow lane and zoom ahead? Partner with Amazon Lubricants and let’s grease the wheels of your success!


Creating Shared Success:

Our aim is to foster partnerships that benefit both parties by sharing in success. Your progress directly influences ours, and our dedication lies in collaborating to reach our common objectives.

We’re confident that our partnership will unlock numerous opportunities, enabling you to:

  • Expand your customer base and boost revenue streams
  • Fortify your brand reputation and establish leadership within the industry
  • Safeguard your business with innovative, cutting-edge products
  • Enhance operational efficiency and minimize expenses
  • Provide outstanding customer service, fostering long-lasting relationships

If you’re dedicated to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we invite you to join Amazon Lubricants and Grease LLC on this thrilling collaboration journey.

Together, we have the power to reshape the future of the lubricants and oils industry, achieving extraordinary milestones.

Please reach out to us at info@amazonlubricants.com or +971 54 704 7811 to arrange a meeting and explore the endless possibilities ahead. We eagerly anticipate connecting with you to build a partnership that propels our joint success.

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Certified Products by the American Petroleum Institute and manufactured through ISO 14001.  Contact us for more information.

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