Maximize Engine Performance with Amazon Lubricants Oil Analysis Services


Unlock the full potential of your engine and extend its lifespan with Amazon Lubricants’ comprehensive oil analysis services. By analyzing a small sample of your used oil, we gain valuable insights into the internal health of your engine, allowing you to:

  • Extend oil drain intervals: Accurately determine the optimal time to change your oil, saving you money and reducing environmental impact.
  • Prevent costly breakdowns: Detect potential problems early, such as excessive wear, contamination, or coolant leaks, before they lead to expensive repairs.
  • Optimize engine performance: Ensure your engine is running at peak efficiency for improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.

What We Analyze:

  • Wear metals: Identify abnormal wear and tear on engine components.
  • Contamination: Detect the presence of dirt, dust, water, or other harmful contaminants.
  • Viscosity: Ensure your oil is maintaining its proper viscosity for optimal lubrication.
  • Oxidation: Monitor the breakdown of the oil due to heat and aging.
  • Total Base Number (TBN): Measure the oil’s ability to neutralize harmful acids.

Benefits of Amazon Lubricants Oil Analysis:

  • Fast and convenient: Receive your results within 24-48 hours of submitting your sample.
  • Easy-to-understand reports: Get clear, concise information about your oil’s condition with actionable recommendations.
  • Expert support: Our team of experienced technicians is here to answer your questions and help you interpret your results.
  • Tailored recommendations: Receive personalized oil change intervals and lubricant recommendations based on your specific engine and driving conditions.
  • Peace of mind: Drive with confidence knowing your engine is performing at its best and protected against costly breakdowns.


Get started with Amazon Lubricants Oil Analysis today and experience the difference!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Purchase an oil analysis kit.
  2. Collect a sample of your used oil according to the instructions provided.
  3. Mail the sample to our lab using the prepaid shipping label.
  4. Receive your results within 24-48 hours by email.
  5. Review your results and implement the recommended actions.

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Take control of your engine’s health with Amazon Lubricants Oil Analysis.


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