Amazon Mega Plus SAE 5W-30 API SM/CF

Amazon Mega Plus SAE 5W-30 API SM/CF is a high performance synthetic multi-grade gasoline engine oil manufactured from high quality of Synthetic base oil and selected additives to formulate a multi-grade oil for most recent technology gasoline engines. It has recommended for all modern gasoline engines running in severe conditions, specially designed to meet the requirements of the most engine manufacturers. Recommended for petrol engines with normal four-stroke valve and turbo types with or without catalyst converter.

approval & features


1. High thermal stability.
2. Protection from the most severe weather conditions.
3. Superior lubrication.
4. Good for high speed driving on motorways and town.
5. Extended oil drain interval.
6. Easy starting in extremely cold and hot weather conditions.
7. Stable oil pressure and high viscosity Index.
8. Maximum shear stability.
9. Reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emission.

Amazon Mega Plus SAE 5W-30 API SM/CF is recommended for all gasoline engines, for vehicles are operating under severe conditions, all year in the city and motorway. It is also recommended for use in modern gasoline engine where the manufacturer recommends SAE 5W-30 API SM/CF oil.