Amazon Hydraulic Oil ISO 32

Amazon Hydraulic Oil ISO 32 oil is especially developed for application in all kinds of hydraulic systems. This oil reduces pump wear to a minimum and contribute to a long equipment lifetime. It is suitable for the lubrication of vacuum pumps and moderately loaded gearboxes, protecting against wear, corrosion and rust formation. It has excellent water demulsifying properties.

approval & features

1-Excellent Low Temperature Properties.
2-Stable Viscosity Friction.
3-Modified for added Lubricity.
4-Excellent Water Separation.
5-Excellent Hydrolytic Stability.
6-Excellent Thermal Stability.
7-Good Rust and Corrosion.
8-Protection Resists Foaming in Service.

Amazon Hydraulic Oil ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil is recommended for all mobile and stationary hydraulic system operating under severe conditions, it’s also can be used in circulation, splash and ring oil Lubricants system, compressors where recommended.